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2025 Saab Sports Sedan Concept

Korean design student Youngho Jongis looking towards Saab’s future with his 2025 Advanced Warning System Vehicle concept: a rakish, four-door saloon with coupe-like styling. And no headroom, by the looks of it, but that’s a forgivable oversight. More interesting to us, however, is how he used his knowledge of nature and human psychology to come up with a vehicle that isn’t just smart, it’s downright sinister.

Jong has put together a design for a 2025 Saab Concept that combines the elements of nature and human psychology fit to warn other vehicles of any impending danger.

The 2025 Advanced Warning System Vehicle concept is a four door saloon that comes with various warning signals to alert other drivers when he vehicle is getting too close or is driving recklessly. Jong’s inspiration for this concept came after doing some research and discovering that 50% of vehicle accidents are caused by carelessness, excessive speed, and tailgating.

Keeping this in mind, Jong designed this sports sedan to feature amber hazard lights on the front, back, and side to warn the other vehicles that the car is too close. Another warning that the car may be coming too close are the patches of the vehicle’s body darkening upon sensing that another car is near. The coolest part of this concept is the body that is made of a soft, impact absorbing material that will decrease pedestrian injuries and vehicle damage upon impact.

They say that there is a thin line between genius and insanity, and this guy is doing the Lambada on it, but then again, a lot of people thought Christopher Columbus was crazy when he said the Earth was round.

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Source: Carscoop