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2022 Germany’s Largest Regular Saab Meeting

2022 Germany's largest regular Saab meeting

To the delight of all Saab enthusiasts around the world, the Covid-19 pandemic is waning and we are slowly getting rid of various restrictions in the field of gathering. Because of all this, members of Saab car clubs around the world have started organizing regular gatherings and gatherings of Saab brand fans.

That is why Matthias Ketterl, known as a great Saab enthusiast and organizer of Saab fan gatherings, contacted us these days with a proposal – we are announcing two gatherings of Saab club members in Germany. The first gathering is planned for the middle of May, and the second gathering is announced for the middle of September.

2022 Germany’s largest regular Saab meeting (Saturday May 14, 2022)

The first large gathering of German Saab car owners will be held on the grounds of the Riesenbeck Agricultural Machinery Museum Im Vogelsang 77 48477 Hörstel-Riesenbeck (25km west of Osnabrück, directly on the A30).

As usual at such gatherings of enthusiasts, on this occasion a cafe-snack meeting will be organized, of course there will be an inevitable award ceremony for the most beautiful Saab cars and their owners, and then a spare parts market will be organized to help anyone looking for rare spare parts for Saab cars.

On this occasion, all gathered enthusiasts will have the opportunity to help the work of this fascinating museum with their donations. The corona measures in force that day are valid – and all interested Saab enthusiasts from this part of Europe can contact the organizer of the e-mail: saabphilipp “at”

Tom`s Saab-Frühschoppen (Saturday, 17.September 2022)

The autumn gathering of Saab enthusiasts is planned for September 17 and will take place in the vicinity of the guest house “Kramerwirt. This gathering of Saab car owners is conceived a little differently, because the gathering is planned with breakfast and conversation, and then there will be an additional organized spare parts market.

After that, a group ride through the beautiful surrounding areas is planned, so it is recommended to all those interested to come with full fuel tanks. The organizer of this gathering will be Thomas Hartmann, so all interested Saab enthusiasts can contact him to reserve a place, by email t.hartmann66 “at” or phone: 01525 – 87 24 657

We look forward to reuniting Saab enthusiasts around the world and revitalizing the work of Saab clubs, and we look forward to reporting on these events, which we will be happy to publish and share with the Saab community around the world.

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