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2018 SAAB track event at RABA-RING

Saabs at Raba ring

At the end of May (27 May 2018), the SAAB Tuning Club Hungary and A-Z Car Performance Ltd. organizes a large gathering of Saab fans at the famous test track RABA-RING – so close to the Hungarian border with Austria and Slovakia.

The track is so unique, this is the place where the new RABA trucks has been being tested. The big, oval track is 3670 m and the home stretch is almost 1500 m.

Organisers await all SAAB owners, fans and enthusiasts of Hungary’s least-known, romantic racing track, the Rába-Ring. The organizers prepared a very interesting program for that day so that if you are close to this place you can try your Saab on the right test track.


8:30-9:00 Meet in Budaörs at the IKEA parking lot
9:00-10:30 Travel on the M1 + 82 main road to Nyúl, “Platán Csárdá” (Platán Restaurant)
10:30-12 30 Lunch, information about the use of the course
12:45 Go to the Rába Ring
13: 00-16: 00 On the track! (No racing, just fast-paced driving!)


Course entry: 41 EUR / car
Visitor entry: 21 EUR / car
(The participation fee covers the rent of the course, but does not include meals or other expenses)

-With a single ticket a car can enter the Rába-Ring area. The number of people in the car is independent of the participation fee.
-We can enter the track location from 13:00, but must leave by 16:00.
-The program will commence if, by May 17, 2018, the registration fee for at least 20 cars has been paid.
-If there are fewer than 20 registrants (cars), we will refund any amounts that have been paid.
-Use of the track is at your own risk! Organizers will not be held responsible for any damages or injuries.
-In connection with the use of the track, we will send written information before the start of the program, which we will also later communicate verbally.
-The event will take place regardless of weather conditions!


SAAB Tuning Club Hungary / A-Z Car Performance Ltd.
+36 30 6364 672

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