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2018 Midnight Sun Rally

Saab 96 V4 rally

The Royal Automobile Club (KAK) was the organizer of this year’s the Midnight Sun Rally 2018. FYI, In June 1904 the KAK Club arranged the first Swedish car race.

Only five of the 10 participating cars made the whole race Stockholm – Uppsala – Stockholm. In February 1906 the Club arranged the first endurance race under hard conditions between Stockholm and Gothenburg.

Today the Club is a national charitable non-profit organization with the primary purpose of promoting the healthy development of Swedish motoring. and one of the events that a club organizes each year is 2018 Midnight Sun Rally, or in swedish “Midnattssolsrallyt”.

Midnattssolsrallyt was run initially for the first time in 1950 until the year 1964. In 2006 the first edition for historic rally cars was organized. Right now homologated rally cars up to and including 1981 can take part.  As in previous years, this year also several Saab cars participated in the rally.

In the video above, you can see one of the participants of Rally 2018 –  Anders Knutsson  in his Saab 96 V4. And, next to Andreas’s Saab, a few more Saab crews could see this rally. This year’s event was three-day, and lasted from June 17 to June 30 in the city of Vimmerby.