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2017 Saab meet at Todd and Mary’s

Saab Mini Meet

In addition to the large public gatherings of Saab fans, some are also deciding to organize small private Saab gatherings.

Just such a Saab gathering – Saab Mini Meet – was organized last week by Tony Lester and his wife, in Irvine, Kentucky (USA).

Since he is professionally engaged in photography, he uses this gathering to make a good DJI dron video. This is the drone video he created while at  Saab/Car meet at  Saturday.

Yes, the big Saab festivalsat Trollhattan and even The largest gathering of Saab convertibles in North America  are amazing, but what we really want to find are those smaller, more exclusive Saab meet ups. It was nice to see a variety of both old and new Saab ars at the meet.

Models such as the good old Saab 900had such a profound impact on the automotive world when they were first released, that even today we still regard them as some of the greatest cars ever to be built. In contrast, gray Saab 9-3 Aero Sportcombi had plenty of aftermarket upgrades.

This being a small meet,  but interesting.