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2016 Official Spanish Saab Club Autumn Meeting in Cordoba, Andalucia (report)

Official Saab Club SpainOfficial Saab Club Spain

As we announced on this blog, official Spanish Saab club last weekend in November held a large gathering of Spanish Saab enthusiasts.

Thanks to Mr. Carlos Sanz from Barcelona, who is pround owner of the Saab 900i, we have a detailed report with this great Saab fans gathering (see report below).

2016 Official Spanish Saab Club Autumn Meeting

Saab Club Espana Members
Saab Club Espana Members

At the end of November, the Autumn Meeting of the Official Saab Club Spain was held in the Andalusian city of Cordoba. Before it, we thanked by the announcement, and now we present an “smelling”of how funny it was.

The operations center was located in the city of Cordoba (Andalucia), where saabs from  all over Spain were arriving with Club members and guests (between 30 and 35 during weekend)

Spain Saab Club Annual Fall Meeting
Spain Saab Club Annual Fall Meeting

Cordoba’s  historic  downtown  was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994, and its main attraction is the Old mosque and now cathedral  (, therefore we let the Saabs rest after the arrival trips and we visit it on Friday…night thanks to a original iniciative called “El alma de Córdoba” (Cordoba’s soul) that increases the usual stunning impression the visitor takes of this monumental architectural work.

Cordoba’s historic downtown

Once the intellectual hunger was satisfied, was time to do the same with the earthly one. For do that nothing better than La Judería  (Jewish district between the X and XV centuries) and its irregular urbanism, where we could taste many tapas of the Codoba’s typical gastronomy: salmorejo, fried aubergines, flamenquines, anchovy salad, bull’s tail and of course, olives and its fabulous oil. After dinner we retired ourselves to the hotel, because Saturday was waiting us with  a complete agenda.

Saab car fans meeting

Early Saturday, after people and cars breakfast, the organizing committee had prepared us a 120 km route through  the Cordovan countryside, looking for the most beautiful landscapes and the most twisty roads, from which we could contemplate thousands olive trees and vineyards fields.

Saab visit to Cordoba winery

Once arrived in Montilla, we let rest our beloved saabs at the facilities of the winery Lagar Blanco, where white “fino” and “oloroso” wines are produced, and where  we could taste it along with an appetizer of Iberian label cold meat and cheeses.

After that  we started our way back to Cordoba, whose last part was driven by the motorway in order to arrive on time to lunch.

Saab CLub Espana meeting

Saab wineThe food – once again a delicious exponent of the Andalusian gastronomy – passed fast between conversations about the morning tour and those that are typical of the saab enthusiasts (turbos here,  ECUs tunning there…) while outside the warm Andalusian Autumn turned gray…

After the banquet, members celebrated our ordinary annual assembly and the companions exploited the last Cordoba’s good weather hours. After the assembly, we went to the hotel to prepare ourselves for the dinner, in which once again the chef welcomed us with Iberian and Andalusian specialties to accompany the talks about everything divine and human.

Sunday morning appeared cold, gray and wet, so the organization had to cancel the visit to the Medina Azahara, a large archaeological site erected during the first caliphate of Al-Andalus (891-961) and an authentic historical outdoor jewel. As it was there where the meeting assistants had planned to make the group photo with the Club flag, we don’t  have it to show you L . It was time to say goodbye and made our way to our respective regions –some of us really far- but  happy to have spent a great weekend,  met again familiar faces and put faces to others known only through Internet.

Saab Span Rally

From the Official Saab Club Spain we would like to thank those who have read these lines, inviting you to attend any of our two annual gatherings (spring and autumn).

Saabs in mirror

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