2015-2016 Saab 9-3 Delphi/Grundig Touchscreen Sat-Nav Map Update

Saab 9-3 Grundig-Delphi Sat NavSaab 9-3 Grundig-Delphi Sat Nav

It is known that the owners of Saab cars with touchscreen Sat-Nav systems have problems with map Update. Of course there is no official updates, but  there are unofficial upgrade  from various sources.

For owners of Saab 9-3 models that have in car Delphi/Grundig Touchscreen Sat-Nav  here’s good news. SatNavDVD selling the latest maps of Western Europe for 2016  for all DELHI/GRUNDIG touchscreen (£29.99) Sat Navs fitted in all Saab 9-3 models between 2006-2008 (Not for the new HDD navigation). Also NaviGPS selling for Aisin Nav platform maps of Western and Easern Europe.

Update: Site readers inform us –  Be careful…readers warn us that have bad experiences with SatNavDVD, and should be avoided

In this update contains the following Country maps: UK , Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Andorra,France, Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Monaco and islands: Sardinia, Sicily, Corsica. 

Those who are interested in the rest of the map of Europe, can be found here. The Dutch company Marktplaats offers maps: 2014-2015 navigatie DVD Saab 95 + Saab 93 – 2015-2016 for €25! This package contains DVD set for Saab 95 BJ 2004-2009, Kenwood DV3200 (All Europe) and Also for the Saab 9-3 2007-2011 with a new version 2015-2016 Central Europe with BNL, D, A, CH, F and I, with voice guidance.

UPDATE – comment from Saaber:  ‘Marktplaats’ is actually not a company, but a trading website, just as Ebay (even think that they own Marktplaats!). The maps are offered by a fellow Saab enthusiast and are hacked Jaguar/Denso versions, which work very well. I’ve got the various European discs here of 2015…and these are nicely updated and work without errors.

How to replace with new maps:


  • Ordered from satnavdvd and received. It works but I sometimes I got read errors and the screen freezes or “disc check” messages anormaly long. Might be the dvd lens too old or the dvd quality. It is not a pressed dvd like the original but just a dvd-r with a sticker printed on it. Now i am thinking about cleaning the lens or burn the dvd again on a better quality dvd.

  • I’ve got the original 2006 DVD from a 2007 9-3 and a “newer” 2016 DVD from satnavdvd which is giving me the same errors and unpredictability that Jojohan has experienced. It works maybe 1 out of 5 times. I’m going to try the following until one of the method works, burnt onto a better quality dvd
    * copy the 2016 dvd
    * copy the 2006 dvd files and overlay the 2016 maps (kwi files?)

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