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2002 9-3 Aero: Joel’s trying to reach 900hp and FWD Standing Mile World Record

2002 Saab 9-3 Aero

New crazy build by Joel Artursson! We’ve already written about  Joel Arturson’s the great Saab 9-3 Aero, when he reached the limit of 700 hp!

Is it possible to extract a total of 900 horsepower or even 1000hp from famous Saab B234R engine? The answer is not simple, The B204 and B234 are regarded by engine tuners as the preferable engine for performance tuning.

Depends on what you mean by fully tuned. Four cylinders making almost 1000 HP such as in the Pro Street Racing share very little with their stock counterparts. The engine block is the same and that’s about it.

Saab B234R engine block

In the new tuning session, Joel Artursson chose the another engine block, instead of B205R, now B234R – all in order to reach the first target – 850+hp.

He will try to test the limits of Trionic 7 even further with the help of Robert Uhr at Nordic Tuning Dalarna. Hopefully, he hopes to reach his goal – 900hp mark and give a good shot at the FWD standing mile world record.

Here’s what he says about his future plans: “Iam dreaming of making 1000hp with my 2002 9-3 Aero, this dream will become reality at some point in near future. Depends on time and money, stay tuned!”

Saab Nordic 2.5 engine

And in the text below, see its new setup of his mighty Saab 9-3 Aero:

Bottom end/Engine block:
B234R engine block and 2.3L crankshaft.
The whole engine is balanced and weighted.
Piston and rod assembley weighs 1030grams per cylinder.
NPR main bearings and rod bearings.
Forged 4032 Wössner Pistons with standard 90mm bore.
Compression ratio ~10.5:1.
Forged 153mm H-beam rods with ARP bolts.
Stock piston wrist pin due to being more meaty.
Deleted balance axle chain and tensioner.
Custom made crank pulley made out of Alumec 89, weighing in at only 1428 grams. Stock crank pulley weighs about 5 kilograms.

Cylinder head:
Very ported and polished.
33mm swirl polished stainless steel intake valves.
33mm swirl polished stainless steel exhaust valves.
Special race valve guides.
35kg valve springs.
Catcam intake cam 275°/11.0mm
Mats exhaust cam 268°/9.45mm
Solid lifters/tappets
GenuineSaab adjustable cam gears.
Port matched.
Reinforced between every combustion chamber.
Genuine Saab T7 head gasket.
ARP head studs.

Saab parts

240mm 9000 flywheel lightened ~4kg and rebalanced.
240mm 4-pad sinter clutch disc.
240mm 9000 Spec stage 2+ pressure plate.
Manual 5-speed FM55505 gearbox.
Quaife differential.
Quaife 3.82 final drive.
Uprated crush sleeve.

4″ Aem dry flow filter.
3″ intercooler.
DO88 aluminium charge pipe.
Pressurized MAF with high flow ends. BOV deleted.
Precision Turbo CEA 6062 Gen 2 dual ceramic ball bearing. 0.70 A/R compressor housing, 4″ inlet and 2.5″ outlet. 0.82 A/R V-band exhaust housing with 3.5″ outlet.

Fuel system:
1680cc Bosch low impendence injectors with connector adapters.
Aftermarket AN8 fuelrail.
External Aeromotive 1:1 fuel pressure regulator.
AN6 fuel lines.
Custom in-tank fuel pump assembley with dual Walbro 450lph pumps and high flow AN6-fittings.

Exhaust system:
Sweden exhaust extreme manifold modified.
Custom 4″ exhaust system.
50mm HKS-style wastegate.
2″ screampipe.

Deleted ACC
Slim 16″ cooling fan.
19 row AN8 oil cooler.
Modified oil filter housing with AN8 fittings.
DO88 red cooling hoses.



  • I have an 2002 5 door 9-3 aero with sunroof in exactly the same colour that I am in the process of refurbishing and giving it a power upgrade. It has the B205 engine trophic 7.
    Any body got some tips on what the best methods curently are on the market ????

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