20 Year Anniversary – Nordic Tuning!

Nordic Tuning

Rolf Uhr, the founder of Nordic Uhr AB (Nordic Tuning) Norrköping – Sweden, started his Saab career early. When he was only 16 years old he bought his first Saab. A 1968 Saab V4. It was delivered with four fully spiked OT-rallye tires and was the kick off for Rolfs racing career. The first race was in Ludvika (Ludvikaruschen) with a drivers license only three weeks old. It was in the summer of 1971.

Nordic started in 1995 by Rolf Uhr with Magnus Hjort as his partner. Magnus Hjort was appointed Best Saab Technichian in 2001 by Saab/Opel Sverige AB.

Besides Rolf, his sons Magnus and Robert also works at Nordic. Together with Daniel Ajax and Lena Hägg. Ever since the start Nordic has been market leading when it comes to Saabtuning. To keep this position a Rototest chassie dynamometer has been installed.


Ever since the start, Nordic worked close together with Saabs retailers. The idea is to be able to provide best possible products and service for the customers. Nordic is the only tuning company that takes over the warranty responsability from Saab on the parts that might be effected by the increase in power.

Nordic´s been around for 20 years now and they  would like to thank their customers for it with this video with humor in the center: