1989 Saab 900 SPG with 1 million-mile donated to a museum!


Traveling salesman Peter Gilbert a few years ago donated his 1 million-mile Saab to a museum:

As a traveling salesman, Peter Gilbert has put a few miles on his car — 1,001,385 miles, to be precise.

It took the Glendale man 17 years to cross the million-mile mark with his 1989 Saab 900 SPG. He recently donated the durable vehicle to the Wisconsin Automotive Museum after Saab verified the mileage.

The transmission was rebuilt at 200,000 miles and the hood and a few other parts replaced after eight deer collisions, but otherwise it has original equipment.


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  • I had the honor & privledge to drive the SPG to two SOCs in ’02 & ’03 amounting to about 3,000 miles. The SPG proformed as well as my ’85 900T, with one third the miles as the SPG. IIRC it had 750k in ’02 & 830k in ’03. Peter drove his Viggen to each SOC but wanted the SPG to make an appearance.

    The SPG had a tighter suspension thanks to urethane bushings an recent application of shocks front and rear. It was a joy to drive! The SPG looked very good from a distance, and good close up, when seeing the odometer any wrinkles were easily explained.

    When the SPG was donated the engine and turbo! were original from Trollhatten. The timing chain & guides and head gasket were preemptively changed every 300,000 miles. This shows Peter’s care of the SPG.

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