1977 Saab 99 Turbo Test Vehicle #934 for $37,000

There have been Saabs numbered 99 and 900, but today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Swede is specifically number 934. You’ll need to decide if that number’s import means its price is worth all its numbers.

This is #934 of those test cars, and no I don’t know why of 100 cars they were numbered in the 900s. At any rate, this is one of 14 notchback testers, and has been given a restoration that seems – in the pics at least – to bring it back to as-new condition. The folks over at Saabs United have a little bit of background on the car, and it appears that it didn’t always look this nice.

The 100 cars were split between markets – SW for Sweden, EU for Yurrup, and UC for USA/California, each as durability testers to gain understanding of how the cars worked in different environments. This is obviously one of the UC cars, and it is based on the EMS two-door sedan platform. Others where the three and four door hatch models. The engine is the Triumph-based 2.0 four, but of course here sporting the turbo and related ancillary improvements. Wheels are EMS soccer balls, and the paint is Cardinal Red as supposedly were all the testers.

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