1967 SAAB 96 V4 in Mint condition

This great 1967 Saab 96 with 655 original miles appear on eBay in superb condition.

This car (VIN: 1B3ER69E51V703208) is just like it came from the factory. It has never been touched or restored. According to the current owner, Runs and drives perfect. Owner have all the history and documentation. This is most likely the last on in existence other then at the Saab museum.

Truth, You will not find one like this anywhere.

Current bid: US $20,655.55

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  • HELLO GENTS. FIRST I OWN A 2009 SAAB 9-3 turbo , this is my second SAAB I HAVE OWNED MY FIRST WAS A 9-3 also, the owner was’nt a proud person a basic slob , I tried my best an turned out to be a nice looking vehicle a LITTLE ENGINE WORK. Anyhow it was a convertible very quick and excellent on gas after I Tuned her up it became a real sleeper I drove the car for about a year ,then I started looking for a newer SAAB IN FLORIDA I found one in south FLORIDA dealership my present car now ,it was an ”09 9-3 convertible beautiful car a real eye catcher !!! Nice features , 210 hp. Turbo this car really impressed me I really mean it !! I traded my old one in satisfied and happy . Started out with 24,000 miles not a problem with anything . On the right side headline lends it appeared to be defective with scratches and SMOKIE and foggie they replaced the lends no questions. I’m still driving on the original tires with 52,000 miles and I’m happy to report it still looks the same. All I can honestly say is I’m very dissapointed about the ending its PRODUCTION . VERY SAD DAY BUT I HEAR THERE STARTING UP A NEW DIVISION IN SWEDEN. ???? Electric division??? THATS THE WAY TO GO NOWADAYS . STAY SAFE ,GOD BLESS A DRIVE WITH EXCITMENT. JERRY HUTCHEON VIETNAM 66′ 68′

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