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1967 Saab 96 Monte Carlo Sport offered by Gas Monkey Garage

1967 Saab 96 Monte Carlo Sport1967 Saab 96 Monte Carlo Sport

Saab Sport is an automobile from Saab, launched in 1962 as a replacement for the Saab GT750. From model year 1966 all market variants were named Monte Carlo 850. During model year 1967 the two-stroke models were phased out and replaced with the Monte Carlo V4 (with the 65 hp (48 kW) Ford Taunus V4 engine).

This is 1967 Saab 96 Monte Carlo Sport offered by Gas Monkey Garage (we know them from TV show). Saab 96 Monte Carlo Sport has been improved for rally and track use but is still street legal complete with title.

Saab 96 for sale
Saab 96 for sale

This is a really unique and rare example of Scandinavian engineering that has been improved for rally and track use but is still street legal complete with title! While a number of intriguing details catch your attention, the most notable has to be the scream of the exhaust note from the 841cc 3 cylinder 2 Stroke when you hit the start button!

Reminiscent of a pissed-off chain saw, the engine fires to life and revs willingly to red line with just a blip of the throttle! The attention to detail that went into this build is evident when looking at the workmanship. Exterior photos show a well presented body that has a glossy white finish with a minimal hint of what lies beneath surface.

Saab 96 Cockpit
Saab 96 Cockpit

The engine compartment has been well sorted with the oil injected 841cc 3 cylinder 2 Stroke power plant capturing the spotlight with the triple carbs of the Monte Carlo engine prominent front and center. The chassis is well sorted with adjustable coils and Koni shocks on the corners and front disc brakes at the front.

Saab 96 Race Car for Sale
Saab 96 Race Car for Sale

Underside pics reveal a fairly solid chassis as well. The interior has been optimized for spirited driving with a MOMO sport seat, roll cage and solid mount steering column (see all pics).While this 1967 Saab Monte Carlo Sport runs and drives, it has been primarily stored in private collection for the past few years and therefore will need a complete mechanical going over to ensure safety and reliability before driving for any extended distance (due to our filming schedule we cannot perform any additional work on this car or build it for you, SOLD AS IS/WHERE IS!

Saab 96 Monte Carlo

Clear Title in hand if you’re looking for an awesome Saab 96, you won’t find a better example that is priced to sell! Suitable for a Classic Restoration Project, Hot Rod Project and Advertising or Promotional use or you decide! The car is located in Dallas Texas.


Saab 96

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