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15th Italian National Saab Rally

Saab Club italy

15th Italian National Saab Rally was held the previous weekend in  the Terra del Sole, and precisely the CAMPANIA, territory of long traditions and strong identities (City of Naples – Napoli).

The Rally was organized by the SaabWay club that brings together Italian fans of all Saab models and operates throughout the country.

Saabway club

This Saab Association aims to bring together owners and admirers of the SAAB brand to organize and participate in meetings, rallies, events, trips, dinners, national and international car events; support any member sports activities; exchange experiences, advice, support to members in finding spare Saab parts, special pieces and anything else for the maintenance, efficiency and improvement of the Saab cars.

Saab Club Italy

Once a year, this club organizes gatherings at the national level and this year it was the jubilee 15th time. Every year, lovers of Saab cars meet another part of Italy, and this year it is the city of Naples and its sights. After the Saturday lunch they went on a tour of the City of Naples; for this transfer  they left their Saab cars at the hotel, in their guarded parking lot and we will then they went on a (interesing – Saab-Scania) bus tour. A tourist route is planned to admire some of the most evocative views that the City can offer.

15th Italian National Saab Rally

15th Italian National Saab Rally

On Sunday, it was planned for a rally, a Saab car convoy was formed. The Saab convoy headed for a historic site called caserta – Caserta is a city in southern Italy. It’s known for the baroque Royal Palace of Caserta, with its fountain-filled gardens. According to the participants’ statements, the rally was great. Next to the regular plan, The usual “Pre-rally” meeting on Friday  it was also planned.

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