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1000hp Drag Racer Saab 9-3SSR

Saab 9-3 SSR Drag racerSaab 9-3 SSR Drag racer

This 2008 Saab 9-3 SSR (Speedparts project car) has been built into a drag car by Mikael Edstrand, and though very little unmodified Saab remains part of its build, we can’t help but smile to see it’s powered by a 1,000+ HP, turbocharged B284L (BW s400 Trubo).

If you do not know it, This HFV6 engine was manufactured at Holden’s Fishermans Bend engine factory in Port Melbourne, Australia, while GM Powertrain Sweden (formerly Saab Automobile Powertrain) was  responsible for turbocharging the engine.

Saab 9-3 SSR Drag race engine
Saab 9-3 SSR Drag race engine

As far as we know, the best ET was 9,46 246Km/h!

With these results, this Saab is one of the fastest cars from Trollhattan. Again incredible – all power is distributed to the front wheels via 4t65e Race transmission CPT700, and you can see in the back wheelie bars. Wheelie bars do their job even on FWD – It pushes down the front wheel (and function of tractionbar – pushes front wheels down as well as helps the car launch straight).

Below, see the features of this special car on racing tracks: