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1 of 10 – Black 9-3 Viggen Coupe with Flame Ochre interior

Black Saab Viggen

Very rare Viggen coupe ’maybe’ coming up for sale! Due to health issues surrent owner (Wayne Lang) is seriously considering selling his RH 1999 Saab 9-3 Black Viggen coupe. 1 of 10 ever made globally!

To add the uniqueness, it has the Flame Ochre interior, So maybe on one of a few, and FYI It’s NOT original. Black/orange is rare, but probably rarer still on a silver car. Mostly seen in Black Viggens. Probably the fastest Viggen around, if not now, has all the potential to be one of the fastest on the planet, at least, his owner thinks so.

Saab rare Ochre interior

Heaps (shed full) of parts also, including everything to take back to stock, except engine and box. The owner himself assumes he will regret the sale of this rare car, but with likelihood of operation and many more months unable to do anything, what’s the point

Saab Viggen engine

Details to follow if he sell Viggen. If any interest send a message to the owner. The car may be for sale, the owner has not yet decided, but if you are interested and have money, you can offer him some amount.

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  • complete w/ hot air intake ! and a metal intake tube that will get hot too ! call me son of heat soak ! LOL
    PS seriously, nice car ! ( to be fair, the car is in UK , you’d never do that in the desert ! )

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