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Women at Saab Plants

Saab 900

Could Car makers build better cars by eliminating the assembly line in favor of a team approach to automaking? The car-companies have been trial-and-erroring  answers to this question for more than a decades. The result is divided. Team concept can’t be applied to the whole car and support a production run of for example 10,000,000 automobiles a year.

But, can be applied in smaller productions,  as they were Saab or Volvo. In these teams was a significant number of women,and in some places they prevailed.

Saab plant in Trollhatten

Saab plant in Trollhatten

For exapmle, SAAB The Uusikaupunki plant has always had a high percentage of women working in production. Today, 30% of car builders in Valmet Automotive are women. Here the ladies are making a quality check on a Saab 900 in 1979. Just see if you can spot the man in the picture…

Saab 900 Quality Check

Saab 99s on the assembly line

 Saab 99 rolled off the assembly line.

Saab 99 rolled off the assembly line.

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