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Very Fast Saab 96 in Folkrace

Vintage Saab 93 in folkrace

Folkrace is a popular, inexpensive, and entry-level form of Swedish rallycross that originally came from Finland, where it was called Jokamiesluokka (Everyone’s Class). The sport also exists in Norway and Denmark, where it is known as Bilcross and Folkeræs respectively.

The race is divided into different heats with usually 6 cars. The driver winning a race is awarded seven points, second five points, third four points and so on. When all the heats have been driven, the total score is calculated and the top six drivers get to race in the A final, the next six in the B final and so on. The winner of the A final wins the event.


One of those races was held on August 30, and on it is absolutely dominated by one Saab 96. In the first Heat Saab was the second, then in the second Heat first (in 3. heat again first), and in the final was absolutely dominated.

Update: Although we first got the information that it is a 93, It’s a Saab 96 With a Mazda 1,8 16v powertrain

2. Heat

3. heat

2. The Finale

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