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Urchfab – Amazing Saab Hot Rod (RatRod)

Meet Urchfab, a RatRod with a difference. WARNING: MUCH TYRE SMOKE

This is 1953 Ford Anglia/Saab Turbo – A rat rod ultimate drifting machine from England (Euro Hot Rod). Anglias were a huge part of Brit hot rod culture in the 1970s and 80s. They were the local version of the ’32 Ford…


Project Called Urchfab, it’s the subject of Carfection’s (the blokes formerly known as XCar) latest awesome video.

Urchfab drift rod

Urchfab drift rod

The heart of the drift rod is a Saab B204 turbo charged engine mounted to a Vauxhall gearbox all mounted on poly bushes which connects to a Volvo axle via a custom prop shaft. The 204 engines can regularly handle 400 hp or more assuming it’s in good shape and has a rock solid tune. Designer of this hot rod Matt Urch, says that he made a custom 4 link kit for the Volvo 240 rear axle and added a bumper bar to the rear to give it a bit of shape at the back

Ultimate Saab drifter - from this it all started

Ultimate Saab drifter – from this it all started

The front suspension and steering is a mix of Ford Capri, MK 2 Escort and MG parts, and some custom made wishbones and extra lock tricks.

Urchfab – Saab Drifter in Mad Max Action

Thanks for the awesome production to Carfection , great video:

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