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The Homecoming

Saab 900 Businness card

Here’s another warm Saab family story that we believe will delight you. This story was written on one of Saab forum Kirsty Farnfield from UK.

This Saab story was written on one of Saab forums by Kirsty Farnfield, and the story relates to their family car – the Saab 900 Turbo which is in their possession for the past 32 years!

She’s been part of our family for the past 32 years, and I’ve loved her since the day I first set eyes on her in the Saab showroom when I was a kid. From when I was 21 I was allowed to drive her too, and fell even deeper in love with her.

Well my parents have decided that now she is to become fully and legally mine so I get to love her forever.

Transport is arranged and she’s coming back to the UK again on Wednesday. My boyfriend and I couldn’t be more excited for our new baby.

The Old Girl is one of the family and has been since new, she originally joined our family in 1984. She travelled by boat from Sweden to Oman, and then by plane from Oman to England, then to France. She’s coming back from France as my parents have said that I can love her for the rest of our lives now. She’s very very special to us, I still remember seeing her in the showroom and the day she came home, it feels kind of like I’m getting to adopt my little sister and we’re both really excited.

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