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The Biggest Secret SAAB Collector!

the biggest secret collector of Saab cars

We saw video about a secret BMW Collector, so thats nothing compared to this Saab Collector! This is unofficially,The most significant collections of Classic SAABs on the planet.

Located in a secret place somewhere on the planet. According to some viewers, it is a Finnish collector.

He’s collection is built on deep love of SAABs .

2 thoughts on “The Biggest Secret SAAB Collector!

  1. Anne Kromhout

    A collection like this isn’t love for the brand in my opinion. Most of these cars are in a horrible condition and won’t see the open road anymore.
    If the collector would love the brand he’d at least advertise the collection and allow people to use these cars for parts. That way the collection would at least contribute to having more operational SAABs on the road.
    As it stands now it’s just an obsessive collection with no further goal than storing SAABs in horrible conditions.


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