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17th annual Swedish Car Day

On August 28, 2016, Larz Anderson Auto Museum is hosting their 17th annual Swedish Car Day! Who is planning on going? Swedish cars have rightfully earned a stellar reputation for ruggedness, quality and dependability. That means there are plenty of classic Swedish cars still out there and, luckily for us, many of these neat old
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Svenskbilsträff – Saab and Volvo fans Meeting in June

Svenskbilsträff – meeting of Volvo and Saab fans  will be held on the 6th June. Swedish Saab Club (Svenska Saabklubben) with Swedish Volvo club, Volvo Museum and Saab Car Museum invite all swedish fans to a swedish car gathering on the Swedish national day, on the 6th June. The meeting will start at the Saab Car
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Saab or Volvo – Ove does not have a dilemma

Saab or Volvo? – Ove does not have a dilemma :) We have already written on this blog about a movie that is based on the  bestseller book titled “A Man Called Ove“. In short, The main protagonists in this book is Ove – a Jack Nicholson style curmudgeon living in a Swedish housing estate who spends his days
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Saab and Volvo in a dangerous traffic situation

Drivers of Saab and Volvo have found themselves in a dangerous traffic situation. Dramatic event is recorded in Poland, near the city Częstochowa. We we reviewed video several times, but it still is not clear reaction of Volvo driver. Saab’s driver was duly waiting for the left turn, but Volvo’s driver did not seem to have the patience…  

How much do you know about speedy Swedish cars?

British “The Telegraph” published in the Quiz section interesting Motoring Quiz “How much do you know about speedy Swedish cars?“. Take their latest quiz to put your knowledge of fast Volvos and Saabs to the test :) In this Quiz we’re  looking back at those old Scandinavian favourites for weekly motoring quiz, and asking visitor to test  knowledge
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Saab-Volvo Monster

This is clip from last episode of “Monster Garage Sverige“. A team of five people with mechanical, fabricating, or modifying expertise was assembled to modify a vehicle into a “monster machine“. One team  got the  Saab 9000 and the second a Volvo 850 which was then cut in half and put together – a cruel tug of war
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SCD16 – Swedish Car Day 2015 – Larz Anderson Auto Museum

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum  (Brookline, MA, USA) is home to “America’s Oldest Car Collection”. For over 85 years the Larz Anderson Auto Museum has been supporting the community through a variety of educational programs, exhibits, and lectures. Swedish Car Day Swedish cars have rightfully earned a stellar reputation for ruggedness, quality and dependability. That means
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9th Annual Swedish Cruise-In

The 9th Swedish car cruise in was held on February 15th this year at the Triple X Root Beer Diner at 98 N.E. Gilman Blvd., Issaquah – Washington. It’s always a fun event with good burgers. Its a great time talking with other D24/D24t powered Volvo and Saab owners. None was entrance fee, Just a lot of Swedish
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Saab 9-5 Aero Abbott 300HP vs. Volvo S60R AWD 300HP

Saab 9-5 launches with TCS on but VolvoS60R naturally launches much better with the help of AWD. With better torque and less power loss on the wheels against S60Rs AWD system, Saab with Abbott ECU just kills S60R until 220 kmh. Then R comes back into play again. This Volvo was my new purchase to replace
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Dongfeng Getting closer to NEVS-Saab

Swedish truck maker Volvo Group said Monday it had completed the acquisition of 45 percent of a subsidiary to Chinese motor giant Dongfeng for $893 million (741 million euros). Announced in January 2013, and now confirmed by Beijing, the deal awards Volvo a share in Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles (DFCV) worth 5.5 billion yuan. The other
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Saab-Volvo Accident just before the New Year

Every year, hundreds of lives are senselessly lost in drinking related car crashes, and the hours just before and  after New Year’s Eve present one of the most dangerous times for these tragedies. Fortunately, the collision of thise “two Swede” (SAAB-Volvo) had no serious consequences:

First Saab/Volvo Meeting in Serbia

First Saab/Volvo Meeting in Serbia held in Belgrade this evening, which gathered several dozen Saab and Volvo enthusiasts. This was the first gathering of two Fan clubs od Swedish brands, and hopefully not the last. See a few pictures taken by members od Saab Club Serbia:  

15th Swedish Car Day

Swedish car fans are anticipating two big events that are unfolding an ocean apart. The first is today’s (Augist 24th 2014) 15th Swedish Car Day at Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Ma (near Boston –  10 a.m.-2 p.m.). The second is Wednesday’s 27th introduction of the new Volvo XC90 SUV in Stockholm. It will go
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