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Saab in NY (1960)

A rainy day in Woodstock, NY, 1960, starring one of our favs… Good Old Saab in Woodstock… http://prova275.tumblr.com/post/150885564795/rainy-woodstock-ny-1960  

Saab 96 Rally GT

Believe it or not, this beautiful classic Saab 96 Rally GT is on sale for as much as € 23,000. This is a beautiful rally car that has been raced since 1963 until 2013. This is a race car and nothing else. The car is called “The Trophy Winner” and has got 5 owners since 1960 This
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Vintage SAAB Club of North America will be hosting “The Great American Apple Pie Run”

Here’s a nice information for fans of Saab cars that live around New York City. The Vintage SAAB Club of North America will be hosting “The Great American Apple Pie Run” on October 8th, 2016. The VSCNA exists to encourage the maintenance, restoration and preservation of vintage SAABs. This Vintage Club  has been going strong for 32
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Help to find a part for the Saab 93 A

Steffen Wirth wrote to us to help him in the search for the rare Saab part. Namely, he is proud owner of a Saab 93 A from 1957. This week he visited  the Saab Car Museum in Trollhaettan where he saw what he needed. It is the 6 Blade Propeller instead of the 4 Blade, and he hopes that Saab communities
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“Fast Freddy” – Racing Saab Sonett II V4

This Saab Sonett V4 has a race-tuned 150 hp 1700 V4 engine, sedan gearing, a Sonett III floor shifter, lots of suspension and body upgrades and extremely wide wheels and tires. This car was recently painted and work is in progress to replace the interior upholstery and carpeting. This Sonett  is now owned by Mark
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Is this the most expensive Saab 95?

This is not just another “ordinary” Saab 95 Wagon. This Saab is a one of a kind custom built hot rod – 1971 Saab 95 Custom Built… and this car is for sale via Craiglist! Saab 95 in good condition is very rare, and often very costly, but this Saab 95 has surpassed all. Usually a very nice vintage Saab 95/96/97 or
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Extended Saab 99 GLE-L

Pic of the week this time comes from the Valmet Automotive company. This is the first extended Saab model made in Valmet Autoomotive in Uusikaupunki (Finland) – Saab 99 GLE-L from 1976. The front part comes from the Saab 99, the rear from the future Saab 900. The chassis is prolonged by 25 cm, featuring the
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The SAAB Quantum V

Walter Kern‘s first Quantum, named the Quantum I/II, was built in 1959. Walter Kern was working at IBM at the time and used his spare time and computer resources to engineer a chassis. Walter Kern was a nuclear physicist trained at MIT. During the 1950’s he was an amateur sports car racer who had some success
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Mini Saab 900 Turbo

For those of you who not know Swedish, this below the video that this picture (above) is from. There was a Swedish comedy group called Galenskaparna (crazymakers – freely translated) that was asked to do a commercial for the town of Trollhättan, well known by the Saab factory. You can start at 6:35 if you only want to see
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Rescued SAAB 96 from Oakland for sale

Someone Rescue this 1968 SAAB 96 from an Oakland Tow Yard, and now it is offered for sale via eBay. Looks like someone’s very much in-progress restoration project: the interior’s mostly removed, but the body’s straight with sections that look like new or super clean old and the engine’s present. The after the jump, the Yard’s eight-plus
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Incredible 1970 SAAB 96 V4 “Baja”

This is 1970 SAAB 96 V4 ‘Baja’ – Factory Rally Homologation Competition Car and owner is Chip Lamb, owner of West of Sweden SAAB in Virginia (USA). His company have been providing component restoration parts and services to the vintage SAAB community for almost 15 years. His Saab 96 looks amazing. Chip sold this and
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Vintage Animated TV commercial for Saab 96

This is interesting Introduction film for the new Saab 96 from 1960. The car is packed with innovations that make it stronger, more beautiful and more spacious! In addition, a stunning illustration of the front wheel drive!

Saab 96 Rescued from Oblivion

Bjørn Dammen sent us an interesting story about saving one Saab 96 from Oblivion and decay. Bjørn: I hope you will enjoy my video recorded when we got this 1965 Saab 96 out from the barn where it had been stored for nearly 30 years. The car is now in good running order, and Bjørn planning a new wideo that
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Vintage Taiyo SAAB 900 Turbo

Between 1979 and 1985, hobby-grade R/C companies had shown that when it came to electric R/C vehicles there was a huge worldwide market for cars capable of running off-road. As each year went by, these models became more and more popular – particularly those from Japanese company Tamiya, who specialized in agile and fun off-road
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Vintage Saab 99 Turbo Promo videos

In this first promo video 1977 Saab 99 turbo was compared to it’s contemporaries, from that time. The Quality of the video is quite bad, but it is interesting to see the Saab 99 in drag racing: In the second video explains how it works turbocharger in the model Saab 99 Turbo: