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Saab was losing $ 1.3 million a day during the ownership of Victor Muller!

Victor Muller and his sports car company Spyker missing opportunities to save Saab Automobile. Saab Automobile was sold to Spyker Cars N.V. in 2010 after a deal between Spyker and then-current owner General Motors. In 2012, Spyker filed a lawsuit against GM asking for US$3 billion in damages after GM had attempted to block the
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Victor Muller and Four Former Saab Officials Charged with tax crimes in Sweden

Five people in the former management of bankrupt Swedish auto maker Saab Automobile AB are being prosecuted for a bookkeeping offense, Sweden’s Economic Crimes Bureau said Friday. ” All five have been prosecuted for mutually having permitted booking two payments totaling of SEK 30,862,999 (3.5 million euros). This has been done by falsifying two invoices
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Who killed Saab Automobile?

An obitury of an automotive icon… This report, by Dr Matthias Holweg of Cambridge Judge Business School and proffesor Nick Oliver of the University of Edinburgh Business School, examines the 62-year history of Saab Automobile from its creation in the 1940s to its bankruptcy on 19 December 2011. Study tries to answer the questions: who is responsible for
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Ex-Saab CEO Victor Muller Investigated For Tax Evasion

The authorities in Sweden suspect Spyker CEO Victor Muller of tax evasion in the period that he was the boss of the Swedish car company Saab, RTL Nieuws reports. The Swedish authority that deals with economic crime suspects that Muller was involved in tax evasion in 2010 and 2011. During that time the Dutch car
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Saab’s Mini rivalling 9-2

Back to 2010, then Saab new owner, Spyker CEO Victor Muller, told CAR magazine of his desire to build a new Saab 9-2. Muller has shown selected journalists, including CAR’s Gavin Green, his own hand-drawn sketch of the 9-2 he envisages – and these is  their interpretation of those drawings. Their CGIs depict a modern take on Saab design,
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Victor Muller’s SAAB 9-5 NG on Sale

This is Saab 9-5 Aero XWD 2.8 T with 299 HP in Granite Grey Metallic color owned by Victor Muller’s company, now being on sale (blocket.se). Outlined price is about 38,000 US Dollars. Muller´s car, powered by a 300 hp 2.8L V6, with all-wheel-drive, adaptive chassis control, a head-up information display, a lane departure warning camera and surround sound hi-fi, will
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Lifeline for Saab

But when they counted the hours to the Swedish Trade Union of Metal Workers seek bankruptcy of Saab because there is no money in the treasury to pay the salaries of workers , came new hope – and orders for 580 cars from China. After the parts manufacturers refused once again to delay the collection
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Spyker Cars finalized the purchase of Saab

Spyker Cars rescinded the agreement on the purchase of Saab Automobile and conveyed the > Spyker Cars NV today confirmed that they have finalized an agreement with General Motors Company about buying Saab Automobile AB . The transfer of ownership was done at 16.30 ( CET ) on 23 February .