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Saab 96 Restoration – For The Love Of Cars [Full Episode]

Car fanatic Philip Glenister and internationally renowned car designer Ant Anstead are on a mission in new episode of British TV program  “For the Love of Cars” – The duo attempt to restore a Saab 96. Ant knew of someone that had one of these cars but they never seen the restoration process through to the
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Saab 9-5 Tribute in “Family Guy” Cartoon

Many viewers of popular TV Show “Family Guy” have noticed the appearance of Saab 9-5 in latest episode. There is a black Saab 9-5 with Hammerhead alloys that runs over someone … seem to be alot of Saab 9-5s in “Family guy”. Appearance of Saab cars in this TV series is not surprising, given the
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Saab-Volvo Monster

This is clip from last episode of “Monster Garage Sverige“. A team of five people with mechanical, fabricating, or modifying expertise was assembled to modify a vehicle into a “monster machine“. One team  got the  Saab 9000 and the second a Volvo 850 which was then cut in half and put together – a cruel tug of war
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