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Special Drift Saab 9-3 RWD is up for Sale!

You may already have seen this car on Youtube, you may have already seen this car on Youtube, it is a very interesting car – real Drift Swedish “hybrid” (see also Saab 9-5 drifter). When you look at it, you see the famous Saab 9-3 SportCombi, but  It’s got a Volvo inline 5-cylinder engine B524t5, BMW gearbox,
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Saab 900NG “Troll” (400hp) Built by Trollspeed

Matt Daul, owner of this stunning Saab 900NG, has invested during the few years a lot of his resources, a lot of money, time and love in the upgrading of this car. Very reminiscent of a real Viggen, but this is 1996 Saab 900 NG with a huge number of upgrades. Almost every mechanical component on the car has
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