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Saab and Volvo in a dangerous traffic situation

Drivers of Saab and Volvo have found themselves in a dangerous traffic situation. Dramatic event is recorded in Poland, near the city Częstochowa. We we reviewed video several times, but it still is not clear reaction of Volvo driver. Saab’s driver was duly waiting for the left turn, but Volvo’s driver did not seem to have the patience…  

Saab saved the Polish parliamentarian

Here’s another story about the safety of the Saab car, which comes to us from Poland. Polish politician and parliamentarian Janina Okragly suffered a traffic accident yesterday. The accident occurred around 10:40 on the provincial road No. 414 in Przysieczy. According to the local press, Saab 9-3 Sportcombi in which the politician was moved to the other side of
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Saab 9-5 collided with a Audi

Last week in Turkey occurred minor traffic accident. The crash involved a Audi and a Saab 9-5. Audi has suffered significant damage, while Saab passed only with scratches – simply, Soft side of a car against hard front.