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Saab Shift Knob Aluminium Insert

This is interesting decorative Shift Knob Aluminium Insert that Fits Saab 9-3SS/SC From 2003-Onwards, Including both the 5spd and 6spd Manual. These beautiful inserts created a company Taliaferro, in CNC 3d machined technology, and may be in different colors finish. These inserts are Based off of official GM cad models for exact fit and Available in a few styles. The
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Saab Turbo X with Taliaferro Exhaust

Although Saab Turbo X stock has a very good exhaust system, with very good sound, to some it is not enough. So, Taliaferro workshop  do the upgrade –  their custom fabricated TurboX exhaust on the shop project car. However, they had to undermine the classical TurboX rear and, with a distinctive exhaust amd rear diffuser. See this “Subwoofer friendly video”, sounds very powerful:

Genuine Saab Taliaferro Air Intake is a beautiful noisemaker

One of the easiest mods almost anyone can do themselves is to install an intake system. Whether its fabricating your own from house hold items, or a “kit” you bought from an aftermarket vendor, the point of the intake system is to provide less restrictive breathing for the engine. The stubborn T8 ECU management systems of
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