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Saab Novanta Bertone up for Auction!

Another tragic story from the world of motoring and automotive industry. Happens to many family businesses when the founder stops managing. A great Bertone design house that is no more. Among many Bertone projects, we find this concept – Saab Novanta by Bertone. This concept car based around Saab 9-5 mechanicals designed by carrozzeria Bertone to celebrate its 90th
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Bertone Novanta – Saab 9-5 Concept by Bertone and SKF

The Novanta was designed to celebrate the 90th birthday of Bertone. After the concept car “Filo”, it is again a prototype, showing the possibilities of the “drive-by-wire”-technology. Based on a Saab drivetrain, the Novanta has one door on the left side, the passenger’s side has two doors. The rear lights, aligned with the exhausts, can
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