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Saab 92.1 prototype with Husqvarna 2-t engine

This was The Secret Husqvarna Automobile Project… Not very many people of today know about the Husqvarna automobile project during the first years of the 1940´s. However, some leading Husqvarna employes speculated in a Post World War market. Secret discussions took place between the head of the Development Department, the engineer Bengt Magnusson, the supervisor Birger
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1958 Saab 93B on eBay

The Saab 93 was produced from 1956 through 1959 and followed for a short time by the Saab 96F. The 96F brought with it new updates, but also provided an opportunity to dwindle supplies of the old product. The 93 was replaced by the Saab 96. The Saab 93 was first shown on December 1 or
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Saab Catherina – personal sports car project of Sixten Sason

Like the Saab Formula Junior and the Saab Sonett Super Sport (Sonett I) the Saab Catherina began life as the personal sports car project of Sixten Sason. This vehicle was named ‘Catherina’ from a play on a popular song at the time and also because of the factory it was built at which was the
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