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Fantastic Saab 900 turbo 16 S for Sale

This fantastic oldtimer Saab 900 turbo 16 S comes from Budapest (HUngary), and is currently sold at a price of 9000 euros. This is One of the first turbo 16S, with complet spoiler, rear spoiler (rarity) and then new 16 V motor with APC. Saab 900 turbo  has been fully restored, completely disassembled, inspected all parts
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Must See SAAB documentary: “Masters at the wheel”

Titled “Masters at the Wheel“, this vintage documentary produced by Saab details the company’s early rally efforts. What could be better than vintage footage of screaming two stroke race cars? Those clips reminded us of why We liked them, though. Such a simple, strong, elegant style:  

Saab Vintage illustrations

This is some Saab Vintage Promo illustration by Erik Nielson and several other authors. This is promo material from the time when there were no personal computers, DTP and prepress software… These are handsome examples of Saab artistic works: Saab 93 B 1958 illustration by Erik Nielson Swedish Twins For ’58 Illustration by Erik Nielson.