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“My Saab Gave Up Its Life to Save Us!”

In the New year coming to us interesting stories about the rescue of Saab passengers. Another Saab lost but passengers walked away unscathed. Interesting Saab story sent to us Jean Fanning, and the center of attention was the beautiful yellow Saab Viggen. But here’s the thing: the first–hand Saab experience: “I guess even on its last
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Saab Viggen with 150db Audio System!

We mentioned on this blog “sound-box” Saab 9-3 (Demo car by Kicx Sound System) who came to us from Russia, and now here’s an interesting Saab from Maine, U.S.A. This is specila Saab 9-3 Viggen with 150db Audio System, car that competes in NADBL. NADBL  is a North American car audio competition league. Owner Brian Love hits 151.1 dB at
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Fatal Crash – Saab Viggen Thief Burst into the Church

Columbus police from Ohio (US) investigate the scene where a Saab crashed into the Compel Christian Center on W. Mound Street near S. Wayne Avenue. One man was killed early Thursday when a car crashed into a Hilltop church. Investigators were working to determine the cause of the crash, but tire tracks on the sidewalk appeared to
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Motorweek remembers Saab Viggen

Today, MotorWeek remembers one of the last great Saabs in its vintage review of the 1999 9-3 Viggen. This model was the pinnacle of Saab’s capabilities, with a powerful engine and special aerodynamics package. “The jet-inspired Viggen was the pinnacle of everything Saab’s engineers could do at the time. Starting with the standard Saab 9-3, the
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How Good is a legendary Saab 900?

Matt Farah from thesmokingtire.com in new episode from /DRIVE network revisits cars from his youth – legendary Saab 900 SPG Turbo Aero (and Saab 9-3 Viggen ) – to see if they’re as good as he -and the Internet- think (look Matts instagram). So, it is still very good! For this episode Matt borrowed two great Saab
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SAAB Viggen Concept

Probably the coolest Saab We have seen in years – SAAB Viggen Compact Concept by designer pietrekm from Poland. This designer has a lot of great works in Car Design category. This is another work of his on the subject Saab – Saab 9-1:

Saab 9-3 Viggen Convertible

This is a very rare Saab 9-3 Viggen Convertible – Lightning Blue Convertible, A high-powered version of the Saab 9-3 was the ‘Viggen’ (English: Thunderbolt). It was named after the Saab 37 Viggen aircraft.  As you can see this has been heavily modified. It started out in life as an Saab 900 NG convertible, but has had everything from
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Saab Viggen 2015

Really are minor adjustments in Photoshop, and these are not even the skillful, but… is attractive and gives an idea. Anyway, if someone has a lot of time and money, it should be your next project – Viggen 2015!