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Saab 9-6C – RWD V8 Coupe

Does anyone remember what bilsport.se had as main news April 1, 2005? At that time, GM has reportedly announced the creation of a new sport coupe – rear-wheel drive Saab V8 Coupe. The images that are then supposedly “leaked” showing the concept car that was clearly designed in the United States with a very “stylish” design and aftermarket wheels.
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Saab V8 Engine

Unfortunately, this is another Saab product that never went into production. Here’s a real tour de force of Finnish know-how, the rare Saab V8 engine now located at the Uusikaupunki Valmet Automotive plant. Tootal, only 5 SAAB V8 engines were made, one is in the factory in Linnavuori, Finland (on pictures), two are in the SAAB museum
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Extreme Saab 96 V8 by Zolland Design

Swedish design Team Vizualtech, that specializes in constructing virtual 3D models of cars and boats, a few years ago released set of five 3D images depicting a modern version of the 1968 Saab 96. While the original model from which it draws its lines can hardly be called sporty, the 2010 version of the car
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