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Original Saab V4 Engine Table

The Original Saab V4 Engine table this is a great piece of motoring history a superbly finished imaculate and stunning piece this is defiantely a one of a kind and probably never to be seen again, totally unique piece. Ebay seller, creator of this table, has made several similar tables based on engine,  but this is by far the
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20 Year Anniversary – Nordic Tuning!

Rolf Uhr, the founder of Nordic Uhr AB (Nordic Tuning) Norrköping – Sweden, started his Saab career early. When he was only 16 years old he bought his first Saab. A 1968 Saab V4. It was delivered with four fully spiked OT-rallye tires and was the kick off for Rolfs racing career. The first race was
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Saab V4 in Rally [video]

This is an interesting video of excellent driving, Gunnar Fredriksson in his Saab V4,  best rally car in the World :) Nice video and an amazing sounding car with impressive driving: This is another one of his footage but with the rally from 2009:

Saab V4 -73

Claes Antelius from Stockholm visited SAAB Car Museum a while ago with his car “Sigge”.

SAAB Music: David Urwitz – Lycklig

Video for David Urwitz song Lycklig, made by Håkan Norberg and Kristofer Lönnå. In this video we can see a SAAB V4, pure nostalgia…