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Turkish Saab 9-3 will be on the Road before 2020

Speaking at the 29th Meeting of the Supreme Council for Science, Industry and Technology, presided over by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, minister Fikri Işık said the main theme of the meeting was Industrial Revolution 4.0. “Since we have lagged behind during the previous three industrial revolutions, we want to be prepared for the fourth revolution. Therefore,
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Saab Performance Team in Istanbul

This rare videos brings us a Saab Performance Team show back to 2007. An exhibition held at Hezarfen Airport in Istanbul on May 5th, 2007, in which the Saab Performance Team displayed their 20 years of acrobatic experience. Attendees interested in taking a test drive had the chance to try out Saab’s new line of cars. Saab rally drivers
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NEVS has been chosen by TÜBITAK as its partner for developing a Turkish National Car

Nevs is Entering The Next Phase! In Trollhättan held the press conference, In short, the company announces a very close collaboration between the company Nevs (National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB) and Turkish TÜBITAK, joint development and production of parts, Nevs will help Turkey in starting production, also, Nevs continues in parallel with the strategic cooperation with Chinese DFM
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Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car

Nevs supports Turkey in the development of a Turkish national car – Press conference Friday at 10.00 in Trollhättan. National Electric vehicle Sweden’s President Mattias Bergman will present the cooperation at a press conference at Nevs: Time: Friday October 16, 10.00 CET. Place: National Electric Vehicle Sweden, Saabvägen 5, Trollhättan. The press conference will be
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SaabTurkiye.net First Saab Meeting in Izmir (Turkey)

SaabTurkiye.net held ther first Saab meeting in city of Izmir (Turkey). The meeting was attended Saab owners and Saab lovers from Turkey. They are a new club, but their membership is growing every day. They plan to make a another big meeting in Turkey within a few months.   Report send Erhan Babacan.