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Upcomming exhibition ”SAAB TURBO – In The Long Run”

In Talladega 1986 and Talladega 1996 projects Saab Automobile performed two endurance tests at the Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama, USA. This year it is 30 years ago since Saab 9000 were driven in “The Long Run” and 20 years ago since the Saab 900 were driven in the Talladega Challenge. Two world records and also
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Guess Who Drives an All Turbo Saab?

Here’s a very nice, very positive Saab TV commercials from 1999, for Australian market. All the best copywriters commissioned to write smart adverts that deliver on their promises, know that if they don’t get this part right, little else in the advertisement stands much of a chance to make any difference to the end result. In the
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Saab 99 Turbo – First successful turbocharged production car

This is a brand new Saab 99 Turbo Coupé from 1977. This is THE one that revolutionized the car engine development: it was the First successful turbocharged production car. Thanks to the Valmet Automotive company for this great photo. Sure, it was Porsche that tamed the turbo for the street and made it glamorous. But it
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Feel the Power of Saab

This is very Fast Saab 9-5 with custom Manifold – 38mm EWG, and Garrett GTX3071R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel and featuring Garrett 11-Blade technology. The results of these upgrades are exceptional,  as can be seen on numerous videos and as you can see by the reactions of passenger :) Just look at
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Saab 96 V4 TURBO

Saab enthusiasts from Finland Toni Koskinen tried to make the old Saab’s V4 engine added Turbo Charger, and of course – he succeeded in his attempt. His Saab 96 Turbo project has its own web page, where you can get acquainted with the details. An old 1976  Saab 96 regained in life and additionally he installed in the car
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Per Gillbrand Turbo Show – Genius for engines

Per Gillbrand, a former automotive engineer who designed the first Saab turbocharged engines in the 1970s, markets and builds an extensive range of miniature engines, with the W16 and even the Rolls Royce Merlin among them. Most carmakers have tried turbocharging throughout the years to achieve more power from small engines. Many have had success.
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Why Turbo fans owe Saab a thank-you

Today published a great article in Automotive News blogs about Saab and Saab Turbo  technologies. Richard Truett in article  Why turbocharger fans owe Saab a thank-you saya: “We are gathered here today to pay our respects to Saab“. Saab engineers saw early on the turbo’s potential to offer drivers greater performance, by making the engine smaller and
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Music classic: “SAAB Turbo”

“Bileams Åsna” was one of many  Stockholm-based rock-band. The first disc was recorded at the record company Cantio 1982, The single Saab Turbo was released in 1983. Here we go with some turbocharging, their song “Saab Turbo” from 1983….

More Power for Your Saab – DIY Intercooler Water Spray

How To Make An Intercooler Water Spray With Simple Stuff From Your Local DIY Store. The guys at Mighty Car Mods have put together this awesome guide on how to build your own intercooler water spray with a variety of simple and inexpensive parts: Better DIY Intercooler Water Spray This solution is better, The guys
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