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2016 Saab Club Meeting in Taiwan

Community of Saab fans in Taiwan is very strong. We wrote about them already here, they regularly organize meetings, exhibitions and a joint drive. So it was this time, the last gathering of Saab fans held last weekend. And thanks to the report by Mr. Chen Weiwei (陳偉偉) can hear what was the atmosphere at the
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Saab 9000 Aero in Taiwanese TV Show

This week in the  Taiwanese television’s TV show presented the Saab 9000 Aero. TVBS show entertains audiences in Taiwan by presenting new and old classic cars, and this week presented the Saab 9000 Aero, Exterior and Interior Features. in the second part of this show presents the history of the Saab company and some of the legends associated with this
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Two Swedish Stanced Saab 9-5 Sportwagon

Some like this, some people do not like, but these two Saab 9-5 Wagon look pretty good. Both 9-5 Wagons come from Sweden, and both are of the same generation (9-5 first gen.), one car is red, the other white, and both are stanced… See, this is the first white Saab: …and this is the second Stanced Saab
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Saab vs. Sledgehammer

This funny and entertaining Saab video was shot in a Saab service in Taiwan. No, this is not the case of destruction of supercars by their disgruntled owners. This is just a test of Swedish steel :) And as you can see, every Saab is  further reinforced in the right places. Except for the middle of the roof, the
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New OJ Steering Wheel: Saab 9-5 V2+D type

This is new product in Taiwan OJ Custom Steering Wheels portfolio. After the first series steering wheels for Saab (9-3 and 9-5), This is new version of their first steering wheel for Saab 9-5, of course – Hand-stitched steering wheel made from highest quality leather. The new version “V2+D type” is even better anatomically profiled and The color of
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Saab 9000 SQUADRON participated in 90’S classic

Known Saab 9000 SQUADRON from Taiwan  participated in 90’S classic car yearly party on 17 Apr. They are well organized and solidly united team. Leading a high standard perform to a new SAAB world. At this interesting meeting gathered as many as 25 members of SAAB 9000 Squadron. See these impressive photos from the set:  

Saab Wedding in Taiwan

We have already written on this blog about a very strong and connected SAAB community in Taiwan. And not only that held regular meetings, they often organize special gatherings SAAB –  as this last gathering – Saab Wedding! An amazing Saab Car Wedding in Taiwan counted about 20 Saab cars, including several Saab 9-5 NG models. More than twenty speedy and beautiful Saab
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Interesting Saab 900 Turbo Story from Taiwan

Beautiful Swedish classic Saab 900 Turbo and its owner Max from Taiwan in Robin Kung video review. Robin Kung focuses on creating video content on the education, development, and promotion of motor sports and road-safety in pan-Asian communities. This is his latest automotive video story of the famous Saab 900 Turbo. Max has fully restored this
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The SAAB Force is Strong in Taiwan!

Last Sunday the 27th of December 2015, more than a hundred of Saab enthusiasts were gathering at Taiwan – Times Village theme park in Nantou County, Taiwan. This is the largest local Saab fans’ reunion since year 2012, in which this event was organized and held by Saab Club Taiwan. Taiwan is a far cry
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Saab 9000 Squadron Christmas Party

Taiwanese Saab fans are very active and often organize gatherings, and especially their branch “Saab 9000 Squadron”  who gathers proud owners of Saab 9000. They gathered again yesterday on the occasion of Christmas at the “Flying Cow Ranch” near Taichung City. Sunday’s event attracted as many as 26 local owners of Saab 9000. See below for a
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Amazing Saab 9-5 from NDifferent Club

NDifferent Car Club from Taiwan brings together car enthusiasts of various Cars brands under the motto “simple – clean – style“. Their cars as well as other stanced/slammed cars have a tendency to look like every other stanced car, there is very rarely any actual individuality. One of the members of this Taiwan’s club is beautiful Saab 9-5
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“Saab 9000 Squadron” from Taiwan!

We present to you “Saab 900 Squadron” from Taiwan! This, not a small group of Saab fans, representing almost 40s Saab 9000 owners from Taiwan. Members of this  Saab club regularly held gatherings, where sharing personal experiences about Saab 9000. Their activity is available through multiple channels: Facebook fan page, Google+ page, and blog,  and they have their own logo:
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Saab 9000 Owner’s Convention in Taiwan

Here’s some astonishing photos from the Classic Saab 9000 Owner’s Convention in Taiwan last week. Lots of enthusiasts in the ages between 20-35 gathered in Taichung City. They showed us that a classic is never out of style!We’d like to thank Saab Taiwan for providing the images, 26 SAAB 9000 gathering in Taiwan https://scontent-a-fra.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/t1.0-9/10301586_10204287915937504_4732329872988729937_n.jpg