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Fantastic Saab Sonett III Racer in Portugal

One beautiful Saab Sonett III is a participant in historic race in Portugal called “Relaxed Historic Racing“. This race event is organized by “Race Ready” club and leading Motorsport race promoter in Portugal. A series of great Historic Racing in which all races are held somewhere in the Iberian Peninsula. Organized by Diogo Ferrao, Iberian Historic Endurance averages 37 teams each
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Electric Saab Van “Model T3” from 1974

The future of the Saab, now Nevs, lies in electric cars. Electric vehicles are not new for Saab.  There was a 1974 Saab Sonett III converted into an electric car by a Mr. Walter Kern, designer of the SAAB Quantum and Mr. Dave Hosmer, longtime Saab Owner and Enthusiast in New England. Other electric project in
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Download SAAB Calendar Wallpapers for November 2014

For the SAAB calendar wallpapers of this month, we have SAAB Sonett III and SAAB 95 V4. Many thanks to Talija Draga and for providing their awesome Saab pics! Many thanks to Talija Draga  and Daniel Pero for providing their awesome Saab pics!  Saab wallpapers with monthly calendar you can download it in different resolutions from Classic Print website.

Saab Sonett III with 130 bhp!

If you think that 4-cylinder engines are for wussies, then you’ve clearly never heard this old Saab Sonett III, which has a tricked out V4 Ford engine (not an inline 4). Not only is the Sonett III arguably the sportiest looking Saab ever made, but with a properly tuned engine, it could sound like it does in this
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Nice 1972 Saab Sonett III on Cragilist for $8,000

This 1972 Saab Sonett III (chassis 97725000654) is said to be a Western car with no history of accidents or rust. Described as recently restored, the only work detailed is a rebuilt transmission and reupholstered seats. P hotos aren’t great, but seem to show a reasonably clean driver, and claimed milage is low at 40,650.
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Saab Sonett III – a lot of car for a little money

This is great classic print Ad for a classic sports Saab Sonett III. While most limited production sports cars of the world give you a lot of car for a lot of money, Saab give you lot of a car for a little money!

Saab Sonett III + Suzuki Hayabusa – The Sonabusa Hybrid

The Sonabusa – a Saab Sonett III mated to a Suzuki Hayabusa engine and modified to rear-wheel-drive – is the work of Albany Speed Shop in the US. Darryl Carl former owner of New Salem Saab created Hybrid: Saab Sonett III and Suzuki Hayabusa.

Universal Hobbies Saab Sonett III 1972 Video

The Sonett III from Universal Hobbies was sold by Saab as a part of their Saab Model Car Collection and is a very nice model with great attention to detail and top notch build quality. This is the last year with the small bumpers and the car is painted in “burnt orange” Source> saabfanatic