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Saab Sonett Ready for Bonneville Salt Flats!

This is mighty Saab Sonett 2 stroke making 112.1 Wheel Horse Power on a Mustang Chassis Dyno with a 3 cylinder two stroke Longnose Saab engine. The car comes from the famous workshop  Donney Saab, hich is famous for its modified vintage Saab cars and records obtained in different tracks (SAAB 96 Bonneville – Land speed record for Saab). They started with
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Saab for Your desktop: August Saab Wallpapers

For the SAAB calendar wallpaper of this month, we have Saab 9-5 and SAAB Sonett II. Many thanks to Alexander Vanyan and Christiaan Boeren for providing their beautiful SAAB photos! Download from Classic Car Print: http://www.classiccarprint.com/saab.html

Saab Sonett II from 1966 is the coolest thing to drive!

Do you like a Saab Sonett? If you ask Glenn Roberts from the U.S. there is no doubt – Saab Sonett with two-stroke engine is the coolest thing to drive! Watch the movie from Petrolicious with blue smoke and wonderfully sound of two stroke. When Petrolicious make a film you already know in advance that
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