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Video from Saab Session Slovakia 2016

Saab Session Slovakia 2016, as well as the largest gathering of Saab cars fans  in Slovakia was held in mid-October, but now we got a video report from meeting. Saab rally was held in Ružomberok – Hrabovo from 7 to 9 October last year, and the event was attended 71 Saab  cars and as many as 164
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Saab Session Slovakia 2016

This year, now traditionally (2014, 2015), the Saab meeting will be held in Ružomberok – Hrabovo – SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA 2016. Organizers this year have prepared a beautiful program for all Saab enthusiasts. This year it is expected a large number of Saab owners and cars. Accomodation is not included in the registration fee and needs to be
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Saab Session Slovakia 2015 – Video

3 weeks ago Matthias Ketterl was with a few other Saab friends guest at Saab Session Slovakia 2015, Organizer of the event is “Saab Session Slovakia Team”  (co-organizers are Saab Club Slovakia, Puppy Hunters Saab Club etc.) As he says, It was a very nice meeting and now recently the filmed video was put online. And
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A large gathering of Saab fans called SAAB SESSION SLOVAKIA 2015 was held last weekend, from October 9 to October 11 in the Slovak town Liptovský Ján. Here’s a short set of statistics of this Saab gathering: official number of registered participants: 91 cars and 212 Saab fans! Saab fans from 8 countries (SK, CZ, PL, HU, A, CH, D, I) the oldest car: SAAB 96
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SAAB session Slovakia 2014

There was an event SAAB session Slovakia 2014 of both Slovak SAAB club members, SAAB Club Slovakia & Puppy Hunters the last weekend in Hodruša – Hámre, where over 150 Saab fans attended this meeting with over 70 Saab cars. Here is some great pictures from this session, and album with all photos is here.  

Saab Session Slovakia 2014

The place and date for the Saab Session Slovakia 2014 are here.10.-12. October 2014 in and around the town of Banska Stiavnica. It’s a beautiful town in Middle Slovakia. One of the greatest slovak location for a weekend trip. It’s a historical town with long silver and gold mining tradition. This is a very nice place for a Saab Session.
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