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DIY: How to see live engine data in your SID (Saab 9-5, Saab 9-3)

Saab Information Display, or SID, later also called ‘Saab Car Computer’ (SCC) is the name for various in-car computer systems found on most Saab automobiles beginning in 1994 with the Saab 900 NG. SIDs typically provide functions useful to the driver such as multiple trip odometers, fuel efficiency, estimated range (‘distance to empty’ – DTE),
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Saab SID Pixel fix in just 2 minutes

SAAB 9-3 and 9-5 models all have the very common LCD display failure on the SID and the AC unit, which ends up in missing or fading pixels on the screen. If you have the following failures on your LCD, you are probably facing the same issue: Single pixels or complete lines of pixels have
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How to Fix a Saab SID (Saab Information Display) Knob? [video]

This great DIY video shows how one SAAB owner repair Saab Information Display (SID) knob to working again. This is a common problem with Saab 9-3‘s. You turn the knob but the display doesn’t change, or when it changes it skips three steps and passes over the setting you’re trying to select.