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In-car video – Per Eklund in SAAB Viggen (Pikes Peak 2002)

Much has been said about the great success of Per Eklund and Saab, but of course never enough. By the way, did you all know Per Eklund was born in 1946 and set his record in the pikes peak race in 2000. Did hear a funny interview with him at the Swedish Rally a few years ago, the
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Saab rallycross crash – Anders Nordstedt

Flickr member PSParrot took this picture (Taken circa 1986), when he had a `press pass` at Brands Hatch, which means he was in a good position to take pictures. Image by PSParrot Here’s what he says about this amazing picture: However that day was very cold and there was not a lot of light.I did not
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