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Saab 9-3 From the Future

This project “SAAB NEW RANGE STRATEGY“ is the result of four months of work of the French team of students, realised at Institut Supérieur de Design Valenciennes. The project dates from 2013 and was presented in early 2014. The philosophy was to present a brand strategy (branding) for Saab to restart studying the market, customers and
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Saab Viggen 2015

Really are minor adjustments in Photoshop, and these are not even the skillful, but… is attractive and gives an idea. Anyway, if someone has a lot of time and money, it should be your next project – Viggen 2015!

Strange Saab Projects

Worldwide there are many Saab enthusiasts, Many of them love to experiment with their Cars. Below, you can see only small parts of a very strange and fascinating Saab Projects :)