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Saab Saved the Life of the Irresponsible Driver

Most car accidents are the unfortunate result of irresponsible or reckless driving habits. Speeding and reckless driving are two of the more common types of irresponsible driving habits that can potentially lead to a car accident. One such incident occurred last week in Poland. Despite the fog and slippery roads, one irresponsible Saab driver drove very
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Saab Driver Survives a Crash with a Moose in Poland

Moose are very dangerous and have a good chance of killing you if you hit one. Moose are tall enough that in a standard car they tend to fall directly into the windshield. Due to the high probability (example 1, example 2…) of a collision with Moose (and potentially fatal consequences), Saab has conducted crash tests
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5. Antique Saab Convention Mosina 2016 Poland

Fifth jubilee Saab Meeting “The pursuit of flying fox” will take place 20 – 22 May 2016, On invitations only, and in the organization of the Fundacja Rodziny Rozenblat Details of Saab Convention Mosina 2016: If you have car manufactured before 1993 and you want take part in Saab Convention Mosina 2016, please write to:[email protected] If you want
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Saab Convoy 2015 Warsaw

Once again, Saab Convoy – 5th Anniversary – 2015 Warsaw – this time we have for you video coverage. Saab Club Polska  (Poland) organized 5th Anniversary Saab Convoy ( 50 SAAB-s and their fans), and full image gallery you can see here, here is video: Thanks to Lukasz Nowatkowski, more photos here : Picasa Album Flickr

Rent-A-Saab 9-3 Turbo X for wedding!

In Poland there is a rent-a-car service that offers Saab Turbo X! And this is not an ordinary Turbo X, this is additionally tuned Saab Turbo X. This agency offers Saab Turbo X rental with driver, unique Saab 9-3 in limited edition TurboX, in Poland only 24pcs. From the outside, this the car is beautifull, 19″ wheels and air suspension which
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intSAAB 2014 Poland

2014 International Saab Clubs Meeting was held in Malbork, Poland from 08-10.08.2014. SAAB-GT Classic on intSAAB 2014 – Malbork, Poland

Saab 96 2T Blue Rally

This brilliant Saab Classic machine comes from Poland. It is a model  Saab 96 2T, who has appeared on IV Congress Classic SAAB Mosina 2014 in organisation Association of SAAB-GT Classic in Poland (www.saab-gt.pl) Also, see Report on the IV Antique Saab Convention: