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Seductive Photos of Saab PhoeniX

Saab PhoeniX is a concept car by Saab unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. It was designed by Jason Castriota as one of his first creations for Saab. Jason Castriota, one-time design director at Saab, has a reputation for blending the romance of supercar design (Ferrari, Maserati) with the modern recasting of a car’s
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Chris Bangle and Jason Castriota discuss the SAAB PhoeniX Concept

We should be reminded of an interesting conversation. This is very, very interesting discussion between Chris Bangle (controversial former chief of design for BMW group) and Jason Castriota (former  SAAB design director) about the SAAB PhoeniX Concept, on the Geneva Motor Show 2011. Known for being an instigator, Bangle questions Castriota about what makes the swoopy coupe a Saab.  The ensuing “conversation”
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Saab PhoeniX – concept of future

Saab PhoeniX concept car announced for Geneva represents everything that will honor the next generation of Saab as an independent company in the future. The concept is based on a new architecture, “aeromotional” design, which will be built new Saab 9-3, which will visually emphasize the aerodynamic and aviation heritage of the company, starting from the
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