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Saab XWD in Performance Driving

Across Australia, there are a number of Saab Car Clubs; Victoria, NSW, Tasmania, Queensland and Western Australia have a Saab club. Because of this, and due to the fact that in Australia, near Melbourne, is a perfect test track belonging to GM-Holden (Lang Lang Proving Ground), Saab is once (2007) decided to create an event for journalists,
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Unofficial “Saab Performance Team” in Action

Saab fans have probably heard of the famous Saab Performance team. Once, it was a Saab factory team – a team of professional drivers performed a variety of driving attractions and exhibitions, presenting at the same time performance of (stock) Saab cars. Over time, this team has grown into a separate company DynaTech Performance Team. This team now performs
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Rare video: Saab Performance Team

Motoring TV has hosted its fair share of cool car stuff over the last 29 years, but there’s perhaps nothing cooler than what the Saab Performance Team brought to the table in 1996. With a handful of Saab 900 Turbos (NG) at its disposal, the Saab Performance Team put on a synchronized driving display for the
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Saab Performance Team Driving Show In Shanghai

Audience members surround the Saab Performance Team as they leave after the Saab Pilot Wanted show May 26, 2007 in Shanghai, China. The show is part of events held to mark the 60th anniversary of Swedish automaker Saab. The Saab Performance Team, formed in 1987 to commemorate Saab’s 40th anniversary, is a five-men squad that
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Saab Performance Team in Istanbul

This rare videos brings us a Saab Performance Team show back to 2007. An exhibition held at Hezarfen Airport in Istanbul on May 5th, 2007, in which the Saab Performance Team displayed their 20 years of acrobatic experience. Attendees interested in taking a test drive had the chance to try out Saab’s new line of cars. Saab rally drivers
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Saab Performance Team in Icy Conditions

There is nothing so good as remembering the good times. Saab Performance Team in Icy Conditions from 2008 at event Ice Experience. So far we have seen a lot of videos of Saab Performance Team, but we have not seen this video shot in icy conditions. Enjoy great ride of  Saab performance team:

Saab 900 – Awesome Promo Short Movie

Thi is Awesome promo Short Movie from the ’90s of the beautiful Saab 900 NG that lasts more than 5 minutes. This short Advertising film comes from a VHS distributed by Saab to press at the time. In the center of the commercial film is the famous Saab’s aerobatic team –  so-called SAAB performance team. Movie also highlights the aviation
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Saab Performance Team: Glory Days on Videos

Many of you know Saab’s Performance Team, a group of drivers that can rival jet figher pilots while using Saab cars instead of planes. The adjacent video brings us a Saab Performance Team show back from 1987. We’re inviting you to watch every second of those video clips. This is not just car dynamics, it’s
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Saab Performance Team = BAIC Performance Team

The former Saab Performance team has since the bankruptcy moved to China and now works on perfecting their driving skills over at BAIC driving their version of the former generation Saab 9-5. DynaTech Performance Team driving the all new Senova (Shenbao D320) from BAIC Motors in Hong Kong. The Senova architecture comes from the Saab
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