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New travel blog – “United States of Saab”

Thomas Sundström at Orio has worked with and for Saab for almost four decades. Now he returns to his former hunting grounds in the United States for a series of trips with a clear goal – to get more people to buy Saab Original Parts and spread the word about Orio. Follow Thomas on his
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“Saab 9–5 estate: you will regret buying it”

Orio AB has just launched an new promo campaign project for Saab original Spare Parts, follow it at www.orio.com/stayoriginal If you regularly follow Saab web forums You’ve probably read it,  Magnus Eriksson’s crazy car ad on the blocked who amused the hundreds of thousands of people in recent months. Magnus puts out an ad for his used Saab with
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Today Orio AB celebrate 1 year as new company

Today, there are over a million Saab cars on roads around the world. By using only Saab Original Parts, you ensure the quality and reliability of each car is retained. Orio is the sole distributor of Saab Original Parts globally. Today they celebrate 1 year as Orio: “It’s been a truly exciting year and we’re all looking
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