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A Look at the SAAB Heritage Museum USA

Known Saab enthusiasts Tom Donney  formed a non profit corporation called SAAB HERITAGE MUSUEM USA (Fort Dodge, USA) for the purpose of Education and Preserving these cars as a group for future generations to enjoy. By the way, he has achieved several world speed records in Saab cars. This is a collection (video bellow) of some of the pictures
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Saab 96 – The Last One

Saab 96 – The last one. On January 8, 1980 the very last Saab 96 was completed at the Valmet Automotive plant in Uusikaupunki, Finland! Off the production line, the car was driven by the late great Erik Carlsson directly to the Saab museum. The number 730,607 denotes the total production run of the Saab
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First 40 years of Saab Car Museum

Saab Museum turns 40. Saturday, October 24 is celebrated at the museum in Trollhättan. The Saab Car Museum (Saab Bilmuseum) is an automobile museum in Trollhättan, Sweden. It covers the history of the Saab brand of automobiles manufactured by Saab under various owners since 1947. The Saab Car Museum collections comprise around 120 cars and approximately 70
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Saab 98 – Combi Coupé based on the Saab 95

Only two years after production of the Saab 99 started, work was begun on a new project – X14. Its Saab 98 – straight from the Saab museum comes this beauty that never came to fruition, but can enjoy it either way. Saab 98 was the number used by Saab for a project in 1974 making
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“Klassiek & techniek” Rally team at Saab Museum

The Dutch magazine “Klassiek & techniek” were on their way to the Winter Trail rally in Norway but stopped by in Trollhaten at the Saab museum to look at their collection. The Winter Trial 2015 will start on January 25 and finish on January 30 near Oslo Norway. The cars are a Saab 9-3 2.0t -02 and a
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Saab Festival 2015

The dates for the next Saab Festival 2015 in Trollhattan have been announced so time to start planning. There are no details as to what will be going on but information will be available atthe Saab Museum website when it comes to hand. The Saab Museum will update this page with details when they become
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Saab 95 (1964) in visit Save SAAB Museum

Stefan Elovsson from Malung visited Save SAAB Museum the other day displaying this charmin combo – Saab 95 from 1964!