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Saab or Volvo – Ove does not have a dilemma

Saab or Volvo? – Ove does not have a dilemma :) We have already written on this blog about a movie that is based on the  bestseller book titled “A Man Called Ove“. In short, The main protagonists in this book is Ove – a Jack Nicholson style curmudgeon living in a Swedish housing estate who spends his days
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“Saab Story” short movie

Brilliant and nostalgic short movie “Saab Story”, short tale of a New York Jewish comedian’s metamorphosis. A washed up comedian Billy Braver (used to be famous) from the 70s decides to take another shot at fame after being let go by the SAAB dealership that employed him. 30 years later he’s selling SAABs at a dealership on
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Saab 900i and “Tour de Balkan”

Stop motion video of a Saab 900i. The single stills were shot at locations through the balkan (2012). Very interesting idea and even better performance, enjoy: Tour de Balkan from fffilm on Vimeo.