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Saab Minivan? Why Not

Saab 9000 MPV as the first attempt for Saab to create a Minivan (or MPV – multi-purpose vehicles) vehicle. The introduction of the Chrysler minivans in 1984 revolutionized the family-car market in the U.S. They soon displaced station wagons and became the car of choice for traveling “baby-boomers“. Unfortunately, after the experimental attempts with the Saab 9000
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Saab 9000 MPV – minivan for the whole family

Saab engineers were once tempted to build a competitor to the Dodge Caravan / Plymouth Voyager, which they encountered on a trip to ASC in the early 80s while developing the 900 convertible. A turbocharged, manual, 7-passenger Saab 9000 MPV minivan? Imagine if they had built this. They took the chassis of the then-new Saab
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